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Our Customers

Our clients are profit as well as not for profit organizations in manufacturing, trade, healthcare, professional services, utilities, education, government and others.

Byce klanten

Finished assignments and cases

Interim Projectmanager for Utilities Company

Commissioned by the Managing Director of a Utilities Company we placed an Interim Projectmanager for the redesign of the commercial portfolio and the commercial organisation. Read more…

Interim ICT manager Shared Service Center

As part of a cooperation arrangement between several municipalities we placed an interim IT manager who was responsible for the design and layout of the ICT function in the new Shared Service Center.

Read more…

Executive Search Board member

For a large health Healthinsurance Company we fulfilled the search assignment for a new member of the Board of Directors with the portfolio strategy and marketing.

Read more…

Interim Operations Director

For a major international technical organization, we reorganized the Dutch production plant and we moved the production activities activities to a large foreign facility.

Read more…

Recruitment Financial Manager

With a large and growing shipyard in the Netherlands we placed the endresponsible Financial Manager.

Read more…

Interim General Manager

For a large Logistics Company, we placed a temporary General Manager responsible for the corporate recovery activities: from legal restraints to a profitable situation

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