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Interim Management

Interim Management is an instrument for organizational development: after the assignment the Interim Manager will leave a strengthened organization behind.

Senior Management

Byce works with selected professional interim managers at General Manamenet level as well as functional and program/project management.

The diversity of the experience, knowledge and vision of our managers enables them to assess organizations and problems from multiple perspectives. They commit interventions that the organization does not see or where the organisation is no longer in a position to perform the necessary changes. Change processes can thus be initiated or refloated.

Our interim managers work methodically, in close collaboration with the client and have a strong focus on the assurance of results achieved.

Our Profession

Selecting the right interim manager is the specialty of our agency. Before the assignment we will, together with the client discuss the ambitions, feasibility and profile of the candidate, after which we select the right manager together with the client. After the start the Byce office supports the interim manager where necessary to obtain the desired results.


  • academic level
  • at least 5 years of experience in senior management level
  • sound knowledge of and experience in interim management/change management
  • vision on organizational development and change processes
  • excellent social and communication skills
  • a results-oriented and people-oriented attitude
  • willingness to work according to the code of conduct NVIM

You can sign up through this page. Don’t forget to send a CV and explanation!

Personal data will be treated confidentially. Byce endorses and follows the code of conduct and the terms and conditions as set forth by the RIM.

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